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Nasal Health


Kines Family Pharmacy Nasal Health

Sinus health issues affect millions of adults each year. Nasal symptoms cause many to miss work, school, and family events. At Kines Family Pharmacy, we offer prescription and over-the-counter solutions to keep you on the path of nasal health and wellness.

Signs and Symptoms of Sinus Health Issues
  • Congestion

  • Headache

  • Cough

  • Itchy throat

  • Runny Nose

  • Facial pressure (usually around the nose, eyes, and forehead)

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinus tissue. Sinus tissue can be found between your eyes, behind your cheeks, and within your forehead. A healthy sinus typically makes mucous to clear out any allergens from your sinus passageways. When they become blocked, your sinuses swell with pressure.  ​

Nasal Symptom Management

Sinus symptoms can be caused by the following:

  • Allergic rhinitis

  • Acute sinusitis

  • Chronic Sinusitis

One of our treatment options for patients is a nasal rinse. Flushing your sinuses with a nasal rinse helps:

  • Unclog backed-up sinuses

  • Remove pollen, dust, and other allergens

  • Improve mucous flow

  • Relieve sinus pressure/headache

Sinus Symptom Management in Daily Life

Along with the treatment options at Kines Family Pharmacy, you can do your part to ensure your sinuses stay healthy.

  • Keep allergens at bay by washing your linens in hot water. 

  • Use air purifiers in rooms in the home where you spend the most time. Air purifiers are a great way to reduce allergens and pollutants that can cause nasal passages to get clogged and inflamed. 

  • Be mindful of air quality reports for your area. Along with the weather, you can track the air quality in your area as you plan your day. 

  • Keep track of your sinus symptoms. Keeping a record of your sinus symptoms can help determine what months of the year your sinus issues tend to flare.

Don’t let sinus issues hold up your plans. Talk to our Kines Family Pharmacy staff today to find out what sinus treatment options are available. Most prescription insurance plans cover our compounded nasal health treatment options. 

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