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Medication Therapy Management
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Try Our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Program

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the medications in your cabinet? Are you unsure of which pill is for what condition? A Kines Pharmacy Medication Therapy Management Session could be just what the doctor ordered! During an MTM session with our trained pharmacists you can expect:

What is Medication Management?

Our medication therapy management program can benefit anyone taking multiple over-the-counter medications, prescriptions, or vitamins. If your health requires you to take multiple doses throughout the day, we can help organize your medications and simplify treatment plans.

The Benefits of Medication Therapy Management at Kines Family Pharmacy
  • Expert clinical review of your medication profile

  • Discussion of which medications treat which illness

  • Clarity on when dosages should be taken

  • Information on what to do if you miss a dose

  • Understanding of how to deal with certain side effect

  • Personalized review to ensure your treatment options are cost effective

  • Individualized OTC and supplement recommendations

Stop by or call us today at 304-984-1001 to schedule your Kines Pharmacy Medication Therapy Management Session. Our team of expert pharmacists are eager to assist you!